Welcome To King Edward VII Preparatory

Headmaster's Welcome

King Edward VII Preparatory School established in 1906 is a government monastic school in the heart of Johannesburg, educating boys from Grade R to 7. We have dedicated staff who serve our traditional values and innovative ideas. Our mission is to develop well-rounded gentlemen who will thrive in the diversity of South African society because they have been equipped with the necessary tools to do so.

Our school dictum is “Strenue” – “with all thy might”. Our boys are taught that they should act, serve and learn with all their might.

The School Governing Body is actively involved in providing fiduciary, policy and generative oversight to the school. We appreciate their support of the school along with the generous support of our parent body. The Parents Association are also involved in driving many social responsibility programmes and fund-raising activities while providing entertainment for our boys and parents alike.


KEPS Overview

King Edward VII Preparatory School is a boys’ government school situated in Houghton, Johannesburg. Pupils are admitted from Grade 0 to Grade 7. We share the same grounds and sports facilities as King Edward VII School (KES), our high school. KES admits pupils from Grade 8 to Matric.

The strength of this very fine school is that it has built on the best of its past, but has the vision to encompass the needs of the present and the future by ensuring that the technology of today is up to date and well used. As is befitting for a school that celebrated its centenary in 2007, the traditions and history of the school are very important.

We aim to provide a balanced and varied school experience for all pupils, with a broad range of sports available, in which we attempt to field as many teams as possible and with many cultural opportunities throughout the year as well. We are very fortunate to have a supportive and motivated group of parents, old boys, staff and other benefactors who help us to maintain the traditions, standards and spirit that make this school great.

School Principles

The “Old Boys” of King Edward VII Schools are also highly involved in our organisation, the King Edward VII Education Trust, the Strenue Trust and other groups give generously of their time and skills in support of the both the High and Preparatory School.

We are excited to be educating boys into the future and we know that if they are self-confident, creative, curious, can communicate effectively, have grit and a growth mindset they will be successful!

Mr D Ernstzen
Preparatory Head

Academic Excellence

Achieve the highest academic standards and the development of a sound ethic in all boys. Learning is a lifelong experience.

hands-holdingMonastic School

Provide the best all boy preparatory environment in which boys thrive. Boys are nurtured to become successful, independent gentlemen.

South African School

Develop young boys to become leading men aware of the issues that relate to the local community, broader South Africa and the global context. To sustain our diverse and integrated cultural community.


Develop and retain a compliment of remarkable teachers. Create opportunities for growth in leadership and skill development in an empowered and collaborative environment.

Sport & Culture

Provide opportunities for all boys to grow and develop their skills outside of the classroom. Long term development is fostered for enjoyment and a healthy active lifestyle. Ensure the quality of coaching is of the highest standard.


Value the heritage of the school buildings and the well-maintained facilities. We continue to build facilities that enable the school to thrive in the future.

School Community

To foster a sense of community, interdependence and respect that has an impact on the wider community. To engage with the Alumni and the King Edward community for the benefit of generations past, present and future.


Loyalty is crucial as it fosters trust and strengthens relationships, providing a solid foundation for personal and professional growth.


Integrity is essential, it ensures honesty and consistency in actions, building a reputation of trustworthiness and reliability.


Dignity is important, it upholds respect for oneself and others, fostering a sense of self-worth and mutual respect.


Responsibility is vital as it cultivates accountability and reliability, ensuring that tasks are completed and commitments are honored.

Our Values

At King Edward VII Preparatory, we instill qualities such as integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and dignity in our students, laying a strong foundation for their future. Integrity ensures they act honestly and uphold strong moral principles, creating a trustworthy community. Responsibility teaches them to be accountable for their actions, fostering reliability. Loyalty builds strong, supportive relationships, promoting unity, while dignity ensures respect for themselves and others. Through a comprehensive curriculum and supportive environment, we equip our students to become principled leaders and compassionate individuals, ready to navigate and positively impact the world with confidence and character. Our holistic approach ensures that they are well-prepared not only for academic success but also for the diverse challenges of life, fostering a generation of thoughtful, ethical, and empathetic individuals who are committed to making a difference in their communities and beyond