We are very fortunate to have independent Aftercare facilities available within the school grounds. This is available to any parents who require their child to be kept at school for longer than the regular hours.

The staff is able to provide support with homework and can accommodate other extra-mural commitments as well.

For further information please contact Claire Swift on 072 600 5448 or e-mail A comprehensive brochure on our services is available and can be obtained from the aftercare centre.


KEPS Aftercare aims to provide the best possible affordable after school care for King Edward VII Preparatory School boys whilst observing and respecting the rules and premises already in existence at the school. Our daily goals are to nurture, love, protect, supervise, understand and feed the children in our care within the framework of firm but fair guidance in order that ALL pupils enrolled can enjoy the facilities and services offered.

All staff employed are constantly motivated to reach out to all the children in their care and do the best they can to provide maternal or paternal love whilst their parents are at work.

All premises are to be cleaned and sanitised regularly and quality control maintained at all times in food preparation. We aim to establish excellent communication channels between parents and ourselves as well as belong to all the necessary municipal, legal and employment bodies essential to running a business ethically and transparently.

The proprietor promises to treat all staff, parents and pupils in a respectful and straightforward manner. Should issues of conflict arise the proprietor promises to settle any disputes fairly and in the best interests of the pupils in her care. Bullying from children OR their parents is not tolerated and will result in termination of their respective aftercare services.

The proprietor further undertakes to establish regular and open lines of communication with the headmasters of King Edward VII Preparatory and King Edward VII High School in the interests of all King Edward boys.

Please email Claire Swift on for fee structures.