Chess Club


We have an ever-increasing number of boys who are eager to learn how to play chess. We can cater for all different abilities as we submit two Senior and one Junior teams, who are selected and they play in a league.  A few of our boys have been selected to play for provincial teams.

CHESS 2020

Chess Club is a place for boys to learn problem-solving, planning with foresight and creative thinking. Our chess club meets twice a week with specialist coaches. Fortunately for us, chess is most often played indoors, which allows the school to offer it as an extra mural activity throughout the year. This year our numbers skyrocketed, with a lot more beginners taking interest in the game. Our coaches, therefore, had to concentrate a lot more on tutoring, rather than just coaching. Boys had the opportunity to test their skills in chess tournaments and matches held at various venues throughout the year. For our matches, we had no less than three teams, one junior and two senior teams. The giant chess board on the school grounds has been a big hit, with boys challenging each other in the mornings and during the breaks.