Cross Country


There are several cross country fixtures throughout the year, competing against other school and the inter-house event, as well as sports days. The team is selected from the runners with the best times and compete against private schools in the first term.

Cross Country 2019

The Cross Country season was a successful and enjoyable one for the more than 40 runners who participated. We had an average of six boys in the Top 10 of the private school’s league each week competitions and an average of 12 boys each week in the various age groups of the state school’s competitions. Congratulations to Nicholas Horne on his selection to the national side.


The Inter-House Cross Country in 2019 was a great success! Here are the winners for each age group:
Under 6
1st- B Cohn (G)
2nd- E Adams (G)
3rd- K Shingler (H)

Under 7
1st- J Hurter (H)
2nd- R Crous (R)
3rd- L Stevens (A)

Under 8
1st L Baty (H)
2nd- J van Niekerk (A)
3rd- J Schnell (A)

Under 9
1st- G Johnstone (G)
2nd- K Burgess (H)
3rd- R Watson (H)

Under 10
1st- J Wight (A)
2nd- S Gwebu (H)
3rd- C Abrosie (G)

Under 11
1st- N Horne (A)
2nd- M Ward (A)/ T Gordon (G)
3rd- K Jackson (A)

Under 12
1st- R McGurk (R)
2nd- S Tsholo (H)
3rd- A Martin (H)

Under 13/ Open
1st- O Motshoene (A)
2nd- O Langa (R)
3rd- M Marqus Da Silva (G)

Winning House:

Spirit Cup: