English is the medium of instruction. Our high standard of education has made its mark on many young men and their chosen careers, producing solid citizens. Pupils’ work is continually assessed in the classrooms by the teachers. This includes written, oral, group and individual work. There is no formal testing in the Foundation Phase, but pupils from Grades 4 to 7 write weekly assessments in the eight learning areas, which count towards the final term mark. Grade 7 write examinations at the end of the year.


(Grade 1 to Grade 3)

Grade 1 – 3 educators follow the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) initiative as prescribed by the Minister of Education. The three main subject areas are:
Languages (listening and speaking, reading and phonics, handwriting and writing)
Mathematics (operations, space and shape, measurement and data handling)
Life Skills (beginning knowledge, personal and social well-being, creative arts and physical education).

Foundation Phase learners also enjoy developing and practicing skills in the Computer Centre, music lessons with our music specialist, learning information skills in the Media Centre  and swimming and football with specialist instructors.

We endeavour to keep abreast of private school teaching and assessment but also celebrate the varied abilities of all our learners so that we can develop all who enter our phase according  to their unique potential and background. Under the guidance of our highly trained teachers, learners will be able to set their own goals and acquire the skills, knowledge and values needed to contribute meaningfully towards a democratic society. Learners achieve confidence, high self-esteem, independence, self-affirmation of culture, critical thinking and empowerment and a desire to fill a meaningful role in society.


(Grade 4 to Grade 6)

K.E.P.S educators follow the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) initiative as prescribed by the Minister of Education. This curriculum aims to ensure that children acquire and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful to their own lives. In this regard, the curriculum promotes knowledge in local contexts, while being sensitive to global imperatives.

The following learning areas are taught in the Intermediate Phase:
English (Home Language)
Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
Natural Sciences and Technology
Social Sciences
Life Skills (Which is divided into Creative Arts, Physical Education and Personal and Social Well-being.)


(Grade 7)

CAPS is also followed in Grade 7. There are nine learning areas:
English (Home Language)
Afrikaans (Additional Language)
Natural Sciences
Art and Culture
Economic and Management Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Orientation (includes Physical Education)

The Grade 7 boys also learn computer literacy in the Computer Centre.