Dramatic Society


The 2020 year has been the most extraordinary year due to COVID-19. Due to this, our school Cultural programme has been very limited. Boys, however, have taken part in the Allegretto Eisteddfod and the National Eisteddfod and have achieved well.



Our Interhouse Monologue competition took place in Term 1 and was won by Ashton Mitchell (Anderson). Congratulations.


Our house plays took place in the first term this year. In hindsight, this is a most viable plan as the fourth term is too busy to accommodate the madness of stage productions. Senior students need to be concentrating on exams in the final term of the year. The theme of the house plays was Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”. The director of each house drew a number to indicate the order in which the 20-minute performances would take place. As it turned out, Anderson opened the story and Robinson closed it. There were fantastic performances throughout. Alice was portrayed differently in each house. Performances from the Red and White queen, the Walrus, the oysters and the Mad Hatter were as memorable as other lead roles. The plays were judged by four prominent contributors to the world of entertainment and art as well as 3 high school boys who are actively involved in Speech and Drama at KES. Helen Des Bois (radio presenter and celebrated local artist), Vaughn Lucas (actor and stuntman), Dave Levinsohn (comedian), Kevin Pass (well- known photographer) and Callum Beukes, James McCallum and Seth Thorne (high school performing arts achievers ) adjudicated the performances and after much deliberation it was decided that Robinson was the overall winner. As the coordinator of the event it would be remiss of me not to mention the directors of the plays. All of them worked so hard to produce such varied versions of the chapters in Carroll’s book. Thanks go to Bronwen Bennet and Inge De Klerk from Anderson; Michelle Gething from Grimmer; Hilton Thom and Candice Martin from Hofmeyr and Gillian Schoeman and James Edey from Robinson. Mr Craig Myers was a superb MC as always and Rene Rossol and Francois Kotze added their magic to the lighting and sound.


Our production this year was Robin Hood- Mischief in Sherwood. A big thank you goes to the cast of 34 boys, Mr Vaughn Lucas who directed the play and Mr Kotze for the magnificent music. Many hours were spent practising to bring the characters to life. The School hall was transformed into Sherwood Forest where the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men entertained the audience.