Governing Body


The watchword for the current SGB is ‘inclusivity’. One of our aims has been to make sure the school has excellent relationships with all its stakeholders, from the high school, and the schools we compete against, to the Department of Education, our parent body, educators and of course the boys themselves.

The relationship with the high school is growing stronger all the time. A highlight has been our close engagement with them on the feeder zone and admissions issues, as well as joint projects such as the planned aquatics centre, and ensuring cohesion across sporting, academic and cultural activities.

We are pleased to see that the integrated day is proving successful, with more boys actively involved in sporting and cultural activities than before.

This spirit of working with people was also the approach taken in our engagement with the Department of Education regarding the feeder zone for K.E.P.S. The interactions we had were open and engaging, and have resulted in K.E.P.S. being granted special dispensation to have a feeder zone that extends to the N1 in the north and west and beyond the N3 in the east, thereby ensuring that a broader range of families is able to choose K.E.P.S. as the school for their sons. This dispensation is dependent on “the school abiding by and affirming the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, fairness and transformation” which is something we are strongly committed to. Unfortunately, during the admissions process itself, the basis on which the department allocated places was not at all clear and did not appear to take this concession into account, but we are currently engaging with the department and will work closely with the department next year in an effort to prevent the issues that arose during this year’s admissions.

Another highlight has been to see the relationship with Yeoville Boys reinvigorated, with several activities now shared across the two schools. From next year we will be granting a scholarship to a suitable, academically minded boy from Yeoville to attend K.E.P.S. and then KES, starting in Grade 6. We have created an endowment that will ensure this scholarship can continue in perpetuity. Assistance from any parents willing to support this initiative would be hugely appreciated.

In terms of capital projects, K.E.P.S. needs to contribute to the new aquatic centre, the construction of which is well under way. We have also put in an offer for 1 Oak Street, with the intention of creating a Grade 00, assisting parents and teachers with younger children. This investment will pay for itself within a few years. There are also plans to build a prep boarding school. Initial plans have been drawn up and discussions with the Trust started to work out how this project might be funded. This project would incorporate redesigning the school’s entrance, which is in serious need of a face lift. Fund-raising is going to become an important function within the school, in order to carry out the capital and social projects we have identified, and we welcome to the staff Mrs Sunshine Dlamini, among whose responsibilities will be raising funds for the school.

I would like to thank the SGB members for all their work in disciplinary meetings, meetings with parents and teachers, completing various building projects, and liaising with the education department, amongst other tasks.

Do remember that as governors one of our roles is representing you the parent body. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Paul Marketos
SGB Chairperson 2019