Grade R Center


Our Grade R center is a place where learning meets fun and play. The centre’s open plan environment allows for small group rotations, regular movement and our learners being taught by all of our wonderful and dynamic teachers and teaching assistants. Our boys learn through play, creativity and concrete/tactile materials.

Our private and tailored curriculum targets fundamental skills needed for learning. Our weekly programme focuses on the development of gross motor, fine motor, visual and auditory perceptual skills, language, mathematics and creative skills as well as music, computers and physical education with specialised teachers. Our Grade R learners arrive with a smile on their face and leave with a feeling of joy and a love for learning and school.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Grade R:

What are the fees for Grade R?

·Grade R fees are the same as the rest of the preparatory school. Please see more information under Fee Structure.

How and when do I apply for Grade R?

· Grade R 2024 applications open 12 March 2023.
· You will apply for Grade R the year before your son is due to start Grade R, therefore your son will be four turning five when you apply. There is no waiting list for applicants who apply before the appropriate time.
· You can collect an application from the school’s reception and drop off the completed application to the school’s reception where you will need to sign a book and receive a slip to acknowledge that your application has been received.

Is my son automatically accepted into Grade R by applying?

·Due to the number of applications we receive and our limited capacity, applying does not guarantee automatic acceptance.
· We do not work on a first come first serve basis as there will be an Observation Day for all applicants.

I am an old boy/my son has a sibling at the school/my son attended Baby Bears, is my son guaranteed a place in Grade R?

· The school will take into consideration the above however, there is no guarantee that your son will be placed in Grade R.

How old does my son need to be in Grade R?

· Your son needs to be five years old turning six years old in Grade R.

How many learners are in a class?

· There are between 25 and 27 learners in each class.
·Each class has a teacher and a teaching assistant.

Is the Grade R private or government run?

· The Grade R centre is privately run and does not function under the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE).
· The Grade follows a private and tailored curriculum.

How is Grade R structured?

·The Grade R centre is an open plan environment which allows for learners to rotate in small groups between spaces and teachers when covering new concepts and skills.

What sports and cultural activities are on offer to Grade R’s?

·Boys will attend music lessons twice a week and a physical education
lesson with specialised teachers.
·Currently there is no sporting extramural offered by the school to Grade R’s however, there are several private extramural providers who offer their services to our learners after school on the school premises.

Will the school provide my Grade R son with food and nap time?

· The school does not provide meals for learners during the school day.
Learners will pack a lunchbox.
· There is no nap time.

What uniform do Grade R’s wear?

·Please see more information on the School Shop page.

If my son is in KEPS Grade R, will he be automatically accepted into Grade 1?

·Grade 1 applications are controlled by the GDE which uses an online system to place learners into Grade 1. Home address closest to the school is the main criteria which they use. More information about this is available on and the opening date for 2024 will be announced later in the year by the GDE.

Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding my son’s application for Grade R?

·Please contact Miss Nkuli Zondo (Admissions) at