Enrolment Procedure

Thank you for your interest in our school! As a public school, KEPS is governed by and adheres to the South African Schools Act. KEPS is a high-pressure school, which means that we receive more applications that most schools. Our School remains at the cutting edge of holistic education, ever mindful of our ethos, values and heritage. The rounded and balanced environment for which our School is famed combines legacy with leadership, high moral standards with high-tech facilities, all focused on an unrelenting goal for the boys we teach and mentor – Academic, Cultural and Sporting Excellence. While formal and informal aspects of education are interwoven, extra-mural activities teach lessons that cannot be learnt in the classroom – legacy, leadership and loyalty.

Grade R Applications

Please note that applications for 2025 will open on 9th March 2024 and close on 12th July 2024.

Applications open prior to the year of admission, usually in early March. Parents are required to come and collect an application form and return before the closing date with the required supporting documents. All applicants will be invited to an Observation Day where the boys will meet the Grade R team and will be given a variety of gross and fine motor skills activities to see if they are Grade R ready. Boys must be 5 turning 6 in the year of admission. Spaces are limited and once they have all been filled, we do not have a waiting list.

Grade 1 Applications

Please note that we are at full capacity for 2024. 

Admissions to all public schools in Gauteng are done through the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) on their admissions website www.gdeadmissions.gov.za. The admissions process has changed over the last few years and priority is given to applicants in the following order:

  • Home address closest to the school within the feeder zone;
  • The applicant learner has a sibling already attending the school;
  • The applicant’s place of employment is within the feeder of the school
  • The applicant’s home address is within 30km of the school;
  • The applicant’s home address is outside 30km of the school

All learners are placed by the GDE and not the school. For more information, please visit www.gdeadmissions.gov.za.

Inner Grade Applications (Grades 2-7)

Please note that applications for 2024 are now open. The closing date is 14th June 2024.

Applications for our inner grades are done directly to the school. Acceptance is based on space in the grade as well as academic performance. KEPS is a school that concentrates on the preparation of learners academically. The school recognises the educational need to differentiate in the education of learners, and thus reserves the right to advise parents on the most suitable education for their children, taking into account our monastic environment, ability, interest, sports and culture as well as practical issues such as distance to the school and affordability. KEPS is a quintile 5 school, which means we are a fee-paying school. We do not have a waiting list and applications can only be made the year prior to admission. 

Application Process

Application forms for Grade R need to be collected from the school and returned by the stipulated due date. Boys will be invited to the Observation Day, and an outcome will be decided thereafter.  Application forms for Grades 2-7 can be downloaded below or collected from the school where necessary. Applicants will be shortlisted and invited for an interview with the Head. An interview does not guarantee acceptance. All applicants, successful or not, will be notified of the outcome of their application via email. 

The following supporting documents are required to be submitted with the application form:
  1. Learner’s unabridged birth certificate or proof of application
  2. Most recent pre/school report
  3. Both parents proof of ID
  4. One passport size of the applicant
  5. Immunization card
  6. Proof pf residential address, in parent’s name e.g. utility bill or municipal account (FICA requirement for payment) and proof of employment
  7. Non-SA citizens must provide the following information:
    1. Study permit in respect of learner
    2. Temporary or permanent residence permit from the Department of Home Affairs, or proof that an application has been made for permission to stay in the Republic of South Africa

Upon acceptance, a heritage levy will need to be paid; the amount is Grade dependent. Please see fee structure for more information.

Term Dates 2024
Term Duration
Term 1
17 January – 20 March
Term 2
3 April – 14 June
Term 3
9 July – 20 September
Term 4
1 October – 11 December

Should you be interested in having your son attend KEPS in 2025, please complete the Expression of Interest form. Should you experience any difficulties, please contact us at admissions@keps.co.za.

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