Sports Overview

Physical Education

KEPS is a school that offers an all-rounded education. We strive to excel inside and outside the classroom. KEPS offers a holistic approach to the Physical Education Programme during the school day. We use the CAPS document as a guideline; however, we like to go beyond the CAPS document and extend our boys further by making P.E. more challenging for the children, so that they grow and develop in their physical ability. During these lessons, we focus on gross motor skills as well as developing the boy’s sportsmanship and ability to participate in a team sport. The P.E. lessons take place once a week for one hour, for Grade R -7 boys. The boys wear their P.E. kit for the lesson, which includes the KEPS. house shirt, white shorts, grey school socks and white takkies. P.E. lessons are compulsory for all KEPS. boys as they are assessed on their physical ability which also forms part of the Life Skills mark at the end of every term. 

The Physical Education classes are run by the Sports Department for the Foundation Phase (Grades R- 3) and the Intersen Phase (Grades 4-7). We also focus on implementing our sporting codes into our Physical Education lessons, where we offer pre-season training for the following terms sporting codes. We have found that this decision has assisted with our boys’ growth and development in all major sports codes.  

Extra Murals

The KEPS sports policy is to encourage all pupils to take part in the extramural sporting programme. KEPS offers a wide variety of sports codes each term with each focusing on development of the learners’ skill sets whilst still maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mr. Pautz is our Director of Sport; he is assisted by members of the Sports Department and academic teachers. Mr. Naicker is our Deputy Director of Sport responsible for co-ordinating the Intersen Phase sports programme and Ms Pieterse is responsible for co-ordinating the Foundation Phase sports programme. 

Our Sports Department staff work exceptionally hard to ensure that there are several sporting fixtures (practice and matches) throughout the term for each sporting code. We offer the following sports per term:  

Meet Our Sports Staff