Parents’ Association


The P.A. is a sub-committee of the Governing Body and is dedicated to promoting and maintaining a warm, enthusiastic and compassionate family spirit among K.E.P.S parents, staff and learners.

Our Mission is to actively engage with parents and staff in the arranging of fun and fund raising events and activities that enhances school facilities and broadens the educational experience for all boys.

Our aim, as the P.A., is to create an environment for you and your boys where you can enjoy being a part of the K.E.P.S family and your boys get the most value out of their Prep school experience.  Every parent and teacher has automatic membership of this association and by the simple act of supporting our fundraisers and attending our events, you form an integral part of our K.E.P.S community.

2019 NEWS

If I were able to capture hugs, happiness, love, sadness, humility, smiles, a community and fulfillment in a bottle – it would have to be labeled K.E.P.S. 2019 through the eyes of the Parents Association Chairlady, which is the position I have been blessed to hold this year.
When I was elected to the position my focus shifted from 2 sons to 761 sons, but Oh …it was so much more than that. Through the year we (our school family) have managed to make a difference to so many more people that what I every realised was possible.
We supported people suffering with Cancer from our Shavathon to the amount of R, but more than this I became aware how many of our families are closely affected by Cancer – my prayers continue to be with you all.
We handed out 8000 Easter Eggs to families that would not normally have had.
We ran a blanket drive through the coldest time in our country, sharing warmth and love (100 items collected) – which sometimes we take for granted.
We continue to encourage the use of My School Card – which in the bigger scheme of things enables us to feed those little tummies that arrive at school so early or forget their lunch at home. We know from studies, that children with full tummies learn better!
Our first ever Movie night – wow, what a beautiful evening where kids just had a blast and parents were able to just take a few hours and be…..
For the PA organizing committee … The Spiderman DVD is still missing.
What has now become our annual 67min sandwich drive was yet again an overwhelming success – one which we would Never ever have been possible without the kind donation from Albany bread (yes, we did run out – as our boys are over achievers!) but made over 1500 sandwiches which were distributed in honor of Madiba to the less fortunate in our community.
We catered for Sports days, Open Days, Orientation Days, Gala Days and I think every second day of each term – but – the appreciation from our boys, traveling schools, opponents, current and new parents, the K.E.P.S. Staff was humbling to say the least and a motivation to do it better!
We ran a successful Soapbox Derby and an extra special Carnival this year – which brought families together and together have brought in over R200k – Thank you. The PA fund has managed to financially support various project through our school: renovate 3 bathroom blocks, assist with expanding class rooms, produce this school magazine, and many, many smaller initiatives to assist our K.E.P.S. families.
As the Parents Association of K.E.P.S. which again – I have been blessed to lead, achieving what we have would never have been possible without the support of ALL the parents in our school, the leadership and staff of K.E.P.S., but most importantly – the amazing team of parents that I had the pleasure of working with this year;
Sindi, Leanne, Lella, Betina, Bronwyn, Nadia, Debbie, Shezaad, Julie, Sam, Craig, Prishal, Gary, Nhlanhla without you we would never have been able to achieve what we have!
So, if it were possible for me to bottle every hug, smile, thank you, tear, memory the feeling of happiness and contentment, I would take it with me and forever have my heart filled with the Love of my K.E.P.S. family.
Thank you all for the opportunity to make a difference.

Erica Barrett
PA Chairlady 2019



This is a group of parents set up a few years ago to assist with the improving reading skills in the lower grades, and to assist teachers in listening to the children reading on an individual basis, so that each child has an opportunity to read out loud and have their reading skills assessed. There are currently approximately 15 parents, both mothers and fathers, who offer an hour of their week from 8-9am, to assist in this way.

Should you wish to join, please talk to Mrs Carrie Viljoen, or email her at


The Early Bird Club provides a nutritious breakfast to any child arriving at school before 07:00, who has been unable for any reason to have breakfast. The donation of Jungle Oats, Cereal, Milo and Long Life Milk is always appreciated. Should you wish to assist with the Club in any way, please contact Mrs Debbie Dart.


Feed-a-Friend is a Foundation Phase initiative, in which K.E.P.S has partnered with Yeoville Primary to provide the scholars of Yeoville Primary with a nutritious lunch every Wednesday during term time. Grade 1,2 and 3 pupils are encouraged to bring a double lunch on Wednesday. The extra lunches are delivered to Yeoville during the course of the morning.


The K.E.P.S. Secondhand Shop operates on a volunteer basis.

Trading hours are:

Monday: 06:45– 07:45 and 14:15– 15:00

Tuesday: 06:45– 07:45 and 14:15– 15:00

Wednesday: 06:45– 07:45 and 14:15– 15:00

Thursday: 06:45– 07:45 and 14:15– 15:00

Friday: 06:45– 07:45

The School Shop is coordinated by Mrs Lee Villavicencio. Should you wish to volunteer your services, please contact Lee on or 063 296 2948.


If you are considering being even more involved in the school, there are a number of ways to do so.  We have the following sub-committees within the P.A. and we invite you to please feel free to contact the person listed within the area you feel you can best contribute to. After all, many hands make light work!

Chairperson- Gary Davies
Vice Chair- Sindzisa Mbhalati
Secretary- Leanne Berry
Senior Class Convenor- Lorella Venceslau
Junior Class Convenor- Betina Fleming
Mothers’Committee- Leizl Eykelhof
Events Coordinator- Bronwyn Nienaber
Charities- Nadia Bhabha
Communication- Samantha Daines
Dads’ Club- Craig Tuck
Sponsorship- Gary Davies