School Based Support Team


K.E.P.S. aims to create a safe supportive learning environment in an atmosphere of care. We strive to support all activities which increase the capacity of each individual learner to reach their full potential. This is achieved by a team of dedicated School Based Support Teachers, class teachers, Therapists, counsellors and the whole staff working together to develop close and supportive relationships with our boys.

As a learning community, the staff at K.E.P.S. are committed to the value of learning for all our boys as we believe that all children have the capacity to learn and that each boy has unique abilities which must be acknowledged and utilized.

In adhering to the Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support (SIAS) policy, all teaching staff have received training in order to offer tailor made support to accommodate specific individual needs. This support is designed and aimed at supporting our boys at various stages of their learning.

With the hope of achieving excellence in education we as a staff endeavor to do everything that we can to make sure that our boys become everything that they can!

Mrs Burger


K.E.P.S offers the services of Danit Herr, a speech therapist and audiologist. She works in a private capacity and is currently available at K.E.P.S. one afternoon per week. Speech-language therapy involves treating children with articulation (speech), language, auditory processing (listening skills) and phonological awareness difficulties. Should you be concerned about your child’s development in any of the above-named areas, please feel free to contact her to discuss this or speak to your child’s teacher to see if an assessment is advised.

Paul Galbraith is the school psychologist at K.E.P.S. and works at the school one day per week with boys who require therapy/play therapy. Paul is a counselling psychologist, and has been in practice for five years. Paul specialises in working with children and teenagers, with a range of problems including behavioural, emotional, family and developmental difficulties. Paul also works at the high school and runs a private practice based in Parktown North two days per week.

Amy Pieterse is an Expressive Arts Counsellor and registered as a Holistic Practitioner with the Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners. Expressive Arts Counselling is a different way of looking at self-expression and exploration of a person’s inner world. Often words are very hard to find to match a specific feeling – especially when these feelings are intense. Expressive Arts Counselling gives a child the opportunity to use sound, images, art mediums, drama and movement to access these feelings in order to express, explore and understand them.