School Tours


Each year Grades 4-7 go on tour. While there is a significant academic influence to these tours, whether that is a focus on Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Orientation, Languages or other learning areas, there is no way to calculate the value of life experience that the boys gain from going on tour.


The Grade 4’s went to a place called Karee Krans. Educators who accompanied the learners were Mr Carrolus, Mr Naicker, Mr Magalakangqa, Miss Muller and Miss Nielson.

Monday, 9 March

We departed from the school in the morning and travelled towards Karee Krans. Part of the tour was to stop over at the Elephant and Monkey Sanctuary which was situated close to Hartebeespoort Dam. The boys enjoyed feeding and touching the Elephants. They had the opportunity to purchase gifts and souveniors at gift shop. Each boy was served with a drink and some chips. On arrival at Karee Krans we were welcomed by the tour guides. The boys were divided into groups and were given the opportunity to settle in at their rooms. The tour rules were discussed with them. Ice breaker games were played and they were allowed swim and play on the waterslide. They played volleyball just before dinner. After dinner they participated in a few more activities. They were informed that bedtime was at 21h00 each night.

Tuesday, 10 March

Breakfast was served at 7am every morning. After breakfast the boys enjoyed a picnic on the mountain. Later they took part in a scavenger hunt. At 9am they participated in a nest building activity. Before lunch they played with slingshots. After lunch they had some free time and were allowed to swim and visit the tuck shop. Later they played with water tubes and then took part in an amazing maze. The next activity was to build a tyre tower and after that they visited the cascades. They were divided into two groups. One group took part in the magic hat activity and the other was involved with canoe races. Dinner was at 7pm and before they went to bed they played Minute to Win it.

Wednesday, 11 March

The boys were exhausted this morning and were excited about their Sun City trip which would take place after breakfast. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Sun City and invited the educators to accompany them on all the rides. The facilitators were very helpful in caring for the safety of the boys. We departed from Sun City at 4pm and arrived back at the camp in time for supper. The boys were allowed to sit around a bonfire after dinner and were soon off to sleep.

Thursday, 12 March

After breakfast they played Human foozeball and the caterpillar bucket challenge. Before lunch they took part in a number of activities: cops and robbers, bomb, alligator crossing and the obstacle course. Later after lunch they hiked to mushroom rock. They were allowed to swim in the dam before dinner and then played stalk the lantern.

Friday, 13 March

The boys were all excited to spend their last morning at the camp. They were all packed early and had some breakfast. They were allowed to visit the tuck shop for one last time. All their belongings were packed on the bus and were soon the road back to school where the parents waited eagerly for their sons.



2020 will be a year remembered by the Grade 5 boys for the rest of their lives – the COVID virus and the tour to Teen Ranch in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to go on tour with the K.E.P.S. boys, if you have had lots of sleep for a few weeks before and you travel with a large sense of humour. Six educators accompanied the boys. It was comical to see that each educator has considerably less luggage than the boys they were accompanying. Teen Ranch went out of their way to make every day full of activities. The gorge hike should NEVER EVER be walked again. The Grade 5 tour is seen as one of the highlights of the prep school years. It is!!! The K.E.P.S. boys who carried themselves with pride. Their manners were impeccable, they dressed in style and were a credit to their parents and the school. We were proud to be with you in 2020!

Zaid Lambat – My Tour Experience

Day 1 (8th March 2020) SUNDAY

At 9.30am on Sunday morning we left for tour to Teen Ranch Adventure Centre which is in KZN on the South Coast. It was a long drive. It took 10 hours to reach our destination. We stopped once in Montrose where we had our lunch. When we reached the place, we had supper and we went to sleep.

Day 2 (9th March 2020) MONDAY

We started our day with breakfast. Thereafter the instructors put us into two groups. One group went for rafting and the other group went for paintball. I did rafting first. We had to build our own rafts and we were in groups of five. There were many groups and my group came second. After rafting we went for paintball. There were two teams, green and blue. After lunch we went to the beach.

Day 3 (10th March 2020) TUESDAY

After breakfast we got split into two groups. One group went for zip lining and the other went to the obstacle course. We had to crawl in mud. For the zip line we went from the top of the hill and down into the dam. We got pulled out by a rope that was tied to a boat.

Day 4 (11th March 2020) WEDNESDAY

After breakfast we got ready to go to the Wild Coast which is a water park. There were swimming pools, slides and even a lazy river. We were all racing in the lazy river. We were at the waterpark for the entire day. It was a lot of fun.

Day 5 (12th March 2020) THURSDAY

After breakfast we got our hiking clothes on and we went for a hike to the gorge. Luckily, I had hiking shoes, some of the boys with normal takkies were slipping and sliding. When we reached the gorge, we swam in there. After we swam, we went back to the camp site and we got ready to go to the beach. We all bought fishing nets and we went fishing.

Day 6 (13th March 2020) FRIDAY

On Friday we were all sad that we were leaving the camp since it was our last day. All good things must come to an end. We said goodbye and we left. I slept the whole way back and only woke up to eat snacks.


After all excitement, collecting pocket money, medication consent forms. We were on our way. Two buses departed from school on the Sunday morning. The long trip was pleasant but eventful with the boys eating copious amounts of food snacks sweets and drinking litres of cooldrink. Half an hour out of Johannesburg and we had our first toilet request.” Sit down and wait we have just left home.” After many hours of moans, songs jokes. We arrived to a warm welcome from Barbara, Deon and smiling facilitators at Blyde. The boys were divided into their groups and allocated to their dormitories. Then down to the riverside for some warmup games.

Day 1
Everyone up early and ready at breakfast as we were off to the rehabilitation centre. Wesaw some amazing animals such as a Black leopard, some lions, wild dogs and some magnificent vultures and birds of prey. Very interesting and well presented by wonderful guides. Back to camp and a lovely lazy afternoon swimming at the river. That evening we made our chicken potjie kos, or was it chicken and vegetable soup. A lot of fun was had by all.

Day 2
We are up and ready to go and visit the dam on a magnificent boat ride. Up and close with the hippos. The scenery absolutely beautiful and breath-taking views of Gods window and The Three rondawels. Back to camp for some more games and obstacle courses. Then another visit to our favourite spot swimming in the river rapids.

Day 3
The morning was spent doing various activities and games next to the river. That evening our night game drive. We were surprised to see some buck, and giraffes and zebra. This was amazing as it is quiet and absolutely pitch dark.

Day 4
Early morning activity of making stokbrood and enjoying it with syrup and jam. The obstacle courses and challenging river slides kept us very busy. Afternoon river swim in the rapids.

Day 5
A fun- filled exciting day of river rafting, canoeing, catty paint ball was had by all. The boys did not want it to end and kept asking for just one more go.

Day 6
We all packed up and loaded our buses. A quick visit to the tuck shop just to make sure we had enough to eat on our way home. After a long, quiet journey we arrived home safely back at school. A fantastic week was enjoyed by both teachers and boys.


Reviews of Camp Riverlake

It was a warm Monday morning and we had to be at school by 8 which was much earlier than the other school tours. It was an hour’s drive to Camp Riverlake at the Vaal. We were so excited for the 5 days ahead of us especially as this was our last camp in primary school. As we got there we were put into our cabins. They were spacious and only had a 5 or 6 people in each one. We were able to put our bags down before we went to sit next to the river to be sorted into our groups. Once that was sorted, we had to do our first activity. We had to make a clan flag which was so much fun then we had to make a clan symbol, which had to be made from all-natural materials. The day went on and we had lunch, unpacked, and had a siesta which is nap time and they just let us chill. Dinner came and they thought they would tell us one of the camp legends of Lady Constance. There was a statue of her right by the pools which scared everyone especially as it was right by our dorms. This got us all excited and we all just wanted to go to the place where it all happened, but the camp said “No!”

Day two was when we got introduced to the daily routine: breakfast at this time, activities at this time, lunch at this time etc.… Swimming was introduced which was most of the boy’s favourite activity. Some of the other super fun activities were the Human Spider and the Spider Web. To be honest all the activities were awesome. The camp leaders decided, to take us to the place where the scary story happened. It was night and a full moon; the tone really fitted the story. We came closer and we heard the scary noises that a horse makes. The whole grade ran away. Sleeping was hard that night straight and we headed back to the dorms. We were nervous. One of the highlights was a table tennis tournament between the boys. An injured Daniel Deutschmann beat Harry Wilkins in the final. The best part was at the end of the match when everyone was going crazy. Screaming and chanting were taking place. You could hear the noise at the other end of the river. We also played many snooker and pool matches. It was great fun.

The rest of the week was run with the same routine. We did other fun activities that included crab catching, shooting range and hide and seek. Overall, the tour was a great bonding experience for all the guys the teachers. Look back they were extremely important and we were all grateful that we got to experience them.