School Tours


Each year Grades 4-7 go on tour. While there is a significant academic influence to these tours, whether that is a focus on Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Orientation, Languages or other learning areas, there is no way to calculate the value of life experience that the boys gain from going on tour.

Please see the Gallery for pictures from each of these tours.


The Grade 4’s went to a place called Karee Krans. During the 5 days, the boys visited The Elephant Sanctuary and Valley of the Waves at Sun City. The boys enjoyed being outdoors. It was valuable to see the boys come out of their shell in a different environment.

Miss Lloyd


When I woke up I was so excited to go on tour. I went to school at 06:30. I got on the bus and said goodbye to my parents. On our way we stopped at The Elephant Sanctuary. Then we continued our journey. Finally, we arrived at Karee Krans. At night we had supper and it was chicken. After supper we needed to design our own school. When we were done we had to go to sleep at 10:00.

Uthmaan Mayet 4F


On Tuesday we went to Sun City. I went down The Temple of Courage and the Boomerang 6 times. I went on lots of other rides too. When we got back we rode in a bakkie to camp. The busses were stuck in the mud. It wassuch fun!

Jack Davies-Mostert 4F


Today we had lots of fun. We had a treasure hunt at the camp. We also did a mud course where we let go off a zipline and fell into a dam. In the evening we went camping, in real life! We roasted marshmallows and then started feeling homesick.

David Elvin 4H


On Thursday we had 5 things to do. Each team did one thing at a time and we rotated. Ourteam started with Soccer, it was a lot of fun. Then we moved onto Swimming and Blind-Fold Races, then Volleyball and then Target Shooting. After all of that, the day was over, and the red, blue and peach teams went to camp for the night.

Troy Gordon 4N


In the morning, I filled up on sweets for the drive. I had a very nice time and it was sad to get going. Finally, we went to the bus and got on. I was very excited to see my mom and brother when we got back to school.

Ethan Van der Wiel 4N



After a long and boring bus drive, we finally arrived at Sugar Bay. We were welcomed by the crazy group of counsellors, introduced to our group leaders and split into our different cabins. Monday was all about settling in. We listened to music, learned more about what Sugar Bay had to offer and then we had our swim test. The mornings included very early ‘fitness fun’ sessions, trips to the beach (across the lagoon of the infamous ‘Bubble Boat’) and several exhilarating beach activities. S.U.P, body-boarding, lagoon wars and more. We were exhausted by the time lunchtime came around. After lunch, we had our land activities which included: pool swim, BMX, paintball, space jump, crate stacking and bead making. The evening program was different every night. We enjoyed ‘The Cube’ game night. From sorting different colour balls, memorizing a path and walking along blindfolded, shooting hoops backwards, balancing three golf balls on top of one another, to figuring out riddles, we had the best time. The most anticipated activity of the week – FEAR FACTOR – and finally, our Party Night! At the party they played all the hit songs. Before we went to our cabins to pack and sleep, we were entertained by our facilitators with a fire show. Amazing! Friday morning arrived. When we woke up, we were sad. We were sad because we were leaving. We really didn’t want to go. This was the best week of our lives.
“We love Sugar Bay!”
– Grade 5 learners


While we are driving, an emotion of excitement quivered through my body. Finally, we arrived at camp! We were welcomed with our first meal: mac ‘n cheese- not my favourite! I thought I would starve! However, one of the best experiences and meals I have ever had was the team potjie. Our chicken was perfect, even if I do say so myself!
What adventures we had from going to the reptile park to swimming in the glistening river. We were put into teams and had to do an obstacle course where we crawled through mud and climbed through tyres. Guess what? My team came first, well in my mind at least! I arrived on camp as a new boy with no friends, but I left belonging to a brotherhood. Strenue!


Reviews of Bayete Adventure Camp

I quite liked this tour. The food was amazing.The activities were a lot of fun, especially when you were in the best team, the most impeccable group, the “Golden Game Goats”,known as the “Triple G”. We were, by far, the most chilled group there. We were the “underdog” team, with only eleven members, while other teams had sixteen members, but we still won most challenges. My only concern was the bathrooms- the two Biggest cabins had the smallest bathrooms. We also had cold showers on a few occasions. I suggest that they ensure the furnace is on before “shower-hour”. Other than that, I loved this year.

Caelum Mitchell

On the 12th of March 2018, the Grade 7 boys of King Edward VII Preparatory School embarked on their journey to Bayete Adventure Camp. Two and a half hours later, they arrived, excited as ever. They were put into six groups and a facilitator was assigned to each group. The activities were quite cool, they made a raft and floated in the pool, they went on a hike, they did a treasure hunt and mud obstacle course. The Grade 7 boys said the food was edible, although they did not enjoy it. I suggest that camp management should change their menu and add a lot more variety of foods.

Miquile Haripersad

By the time we got there, I was already impressed by how stunning the place looked. In this review, I will be telling you how I rated Bayete Adventure Camp and why. First, I will be telling you what I liked. I like the “pap” they served, it was so delicious, although I did not enjoy the rest of the food. I’m, therefore, giving the food 6/10. I loved all the activities. I found them to be exciting and entertaining. There was also the campfire and the sunrise, which was so beautiful to watch. I give the activities 10/10. What I did not like were the bathrooms. I think they need some improvement. I, therefore, give Bayete Adventure Camp a rating of 8/10.

Jet Kingston

It was a busy week for the King Edward VII Preparatory School, as the InterSen Phase prepared for its annual school tours. The Grade 5 and 6 boys departed early, due to the length of their trips, followed by the Grade 4 boys, then the Grade 7 boys. When the boys arrived at their respective camps, they found out just how hard it was going to be. The Grade 7’s went on a leadership camp, to Bayete Adventure Camp, so they were not expecting a lovely retreat, like all the other grades. The week started off at a steady pace as the boys were separated into groups. They then dod some team building activities before enjoying a good dinner, followed by a night activity. The week continued with the boys participating in an activity before every meal and another activity after supper. Joy and sadness filled the boys’ hearts after their sleep in the woods, which meant the camp had come to an end. Truly a great tour!

Tshomoloko Mahlatsi

On the 12th of March 2018, I went on my last school tour at K.E.P.S. We went to Bayete Adventure Camp. There were ups and downs on camp, but it was fun. On our arrival there, we were put into different dorms where we slept for the night. The camp food wasn’t the best, although some of it was good, they just had to prepare it a little longer. I feel that the activities were not for thirteen and fourteen- year old’s, they should have been more challenging. My dorm was not bad, it was good enough for me to get some good sleep.I liked the free time for swimming. I just wish it was a bit longer. Overall, I had fun and think it was a tour to remember.

Bryce Bennet