An A and a B team is selected, which compete against the Independent Schools on a Friday afternoon during the first and fourth terms. The team training is conducted by five members of staff who train and teach the boys during Phys Ed lessons and between 13:45 and 15:00 three days a week. Teams are chosen on trial times, but swimmers may be changed from A to B and vice versa, week by week. All Friday galas are swum in relay format, giving four boys per age group – Under 8/9 to Open – a chance to swim each stroke. There is also a Junior and Senior Individual Medley.


Swimming at K.E.P.S. is constantly improving and participation has increased tremendously since the start of the year. Our boys have really enjoyed the extra pool time that the Integrated Sports Day has brought about which showed in their successful participation in the various galas that took place.


Both our Junior and Senior Interhouse Galas went off with a bang with loads of excitement for the events. Our Grade 7 house cheerleaders created a great atmosphere as they encouraged the boys.

Our age group champions were:

Our age group champions were:
Under 10

Under 11

Under 12


Runners Up Victor Ludorum U13

Victor Ludorum U13

Ethan Baty

Ethan Kotlar

Joshua Gavina

Vin van Buuren

Richard Cressey & Arkin Marais

Aidan Lilienfeld

The winning house was Robinson as they cruised through all their events winning the most points… Go Robinson!

The very important spirit trophy award went to Grimmer as their hearts were pumping with school spirit.

A BIG thank you goes to all the parents for helping on the day as well as the staff and boys for making the inter-house swimming gala as successful as it was.